Learning Management Systems

Secure online training and course modules

Train staff or clients, sell courses

Secure, members-only access ensures your proprietary content gets delivered to paying customers or need-to-know staff and not to the general public. Online courses and trainings make it easy for your students to learn at their own pace and to access coursework 24/7. Course modules may consist of any mix of written, audio, video, and graphical elements, and students receive concrete feedback as they reach milestones and demonstrate subject matter mastery. Finally, students earn printable certificates upon successful completion of modules, suitable for framing. Along the way, we’ll help you track their progress through regular reporting.

Online learning extends your reach by orders of magnitude compared to traditional in-person training. There are literally no limits to the number of people you can teach or train, as your target audience can access your course modules from anywhere with an Internet connection, at any time, and for as long as they need to master the subjects you present. Online training allows your content to be delivered with vastly less time and effort by your organization than was ever possible before, leaving you free to focus on maximizing the in-person time you do have with your audience.
Go deeper into your subject, knowing your students have a solid baseline from the course modules they’ve completed online. Or, simply reduce the time you spend deliering content in person and move on to other important tasks. Whether you’re onboarding new staff, keeping clients up to date on new developments in their field, or selling specialized courses to paying customers, online delivery represents explosive efficiency and great value. We’ll help you get up and running so your organization can benefit.

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